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Lotto-Fortuna – Your personal winning numbers

Do you like playing lotto games? Still waiting for that big win? Well, we can increase your chances with our lucky numbers system! Our winning system is calculated using a secret mathematical code and factors in information about you from your account. Then your own lucky numbers are calculated in a sophisticated process, and you can increase your chances of winning! Download the Lotto-Fortuna app onto your smartphone now and try it – you’ll just love it!

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Lotto Fortuna winning numbers and odds

The pictures below show the chances of winning with our system. The lucky numbers generated for you are anonymously saved in our system and show how much you can win with the Lotto-Fortuna app. Try out this unique system for yourself. Every number combination that is generated is stored and worked into the win statistics, then it’s up to you to try your luck and fill in the lottery ticket with the lucky numbers and play!

How does it work?

Our system is simple to use. First, install the app on your smartphone. Then fill in the fields, such as surname, first name, date of birth, star sign and other personal information. The more precise details you give, the more chances you have of winning. It’s important to fill out the form as accurately as possible so that the calculation can be precisely tailored to fit you. And away you go! Now choose which lottery you want to play and the system will generate your personal lucky numbers. The numbers are calculated using several criteria and will always be individual. You can save and archive your lucky numbers. Then fill in your ticket at your lottery retail outlet and you are ready to win! You can also choose your own lotto game. For the moment we can generate numbers for Euromillions and Swisslotto. Other games will follow to increase your chances. You can look forward to a new life full of security.

Home page and login page

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Registration page

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My Lucky Numbers

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Your lucky numbers will be automatically generated.

My numbers – An overview of all the played and unplayed numbers

Detailed view of your lucky numbers


List of Preferences

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Setting up your choice of lotto game

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1. How can I download the app?
Simply access the App Store on your smartphone and search for Lotto-Fortuna or click the following link:Lotto Fortuna APP
then follow the installation instructions on your smartphone.

2. How are the lucky numbers calculated?
That is a closely guarded secret. We use a complex algorithm that has been designed by highly qualified mathematicians and specialists, and is based on astrology, astronomy and mathematics. Only three people know the formula and it is kept in a bank deposit box. The algorithm is completely individual and factors in various criteria to come up with the greatest possible chances of winning.

3. How can I play lotto?
The best way is to register on your lotto website, e.g. swisslos.ch, or you fill in a lottery ticket at your nearest lottery outlet.

4. How much does Lotto-Fortuna cost?
The app is free. You can test the app for a free, no-obligation 10-day trial period. When the 10 days are up, you can choose between three types of subscription. More details about the current subscription prices can be found on the Lotto-Fortuna app. The subscription does not commit you to anything else. When your subscription has expired, you can renew it at any time. Your personal lucky numbers remain stored on your smartphone.

5. What happens to my personal information?
We only store your data for the purpose of calculating the numbers – NO DATA IS PASSED ON TO THIRD PARTIES.

6. Do any third parties have access to my lucky numbers or do I have to share my winnings?
Nobody can see your numbers and your winnings are of course for you and you alone.

7. Can I install the Lotto-Fortuna app on a Windows Smartphone?
This is not possible at the moment.

8. Will my name be registered if I hit the jackpot?
No, we are unable to see which numbers you actually play. You play completely anonymously and nobody will know about your winnings.


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Email: info@lottofortuna.ch
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